Albanese G.

Production of Nuclear Stock olive plants for certification programs

Rivista : Anno 42/Numero 1

Olive is worldwide affected by several systemic pathogens, including viruses which spread by insect vectors. These pathogens are often present in multiple infections, do not apparently cause heavy
loss in quality and yield and are largely harboured in symptomless plants. However, they are a threat for the sanitary improvement of the crop and hinder the correct management of national
and international certification programmes and exchange of planting material. The application of sensitive diagnostic tools (mainly based on molecular techniques) greatly improved, in last decade,
the process of selection of virus-free material (nuclear stock), which coupled with the new EU phytosanitary Directives implemented the entire certification program. The requirements for the correct management of nuclear stock and mother plants in the repositories and nurseries, established in these directives re-enforce the guarantee for the high quality standards of the certified propagating material.

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