Lanza B.

Il mercato mondiale delle olive da mensa: produzione, consumo e prospettive

Rivista : Anno 42/Numero 1
Autori/Authors : Lanza B.

Table olives are greatly consumed mainly by Mediterranean Sea area populations and their consumption is expanding, due to the increasing popularity of the Mediterranean diet. In Italy, during the last three years, the average consumption of table olives was approximately 125.000 tonnes/year with a pro-capite assumption of 2.1 kg/year. The Italian production covers only 48% of the consumers demand, the remaining part is imported from Spain, Greece, Tunisia and Moroc. Among the over 500 varieties of Olea europaea on the national territory only a fraction is specifically suitable for processing as table olives. Italy is rich in typical table olive products, obtained by traditional methods, many of which have obtained or aspired to the recognition of trademarks (PDO, PGI, TAP).

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