Ranocchia C.

Olive (& drupes) Tri Acyl Glycerols adaptation to the temperature of growth: the databases

Rivista : Anno 42/Numero 1
Autori/Authors : Bongi G. Ranocchia C.

The oils extracted from seeds and mesocarp differ in their sensitivity to temperature and a good correlation was found between the ratio of oleic to the sum of linoleic and palmitic fatty acids of
storage lipids, (IQ), and both oil oxidative stability and condensation temperature of flesh oil. Seed oil increases IQ if higher temperatures occur at grain filling stage, but the response of fleshes is complex and reverted. A contrast analysis using the same genotypes in two different locations with small variation in total heat but asynchronous in their maxima, reveals that the first period of fruit enlargement after fruit set in summer determines the oil composition when oil content is very low. The length of this sensitive period is between 3 to 4 weeks and affects final fruit composition in late autumn, irrespective of maturation temperature.

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